Maximizing Your Time as a College Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur and a college student means finding efficient ways to budget your time. Not everyone is a college student but everyone is still limited by the hours in a day. We all want to get as much done as possible but we are often limited by various factors. Many people have lost time in the day due to things such as long commutes, procrastination and lack of organization. Some things are unavoidable but that doesn’t mean we can’t minimize our lost time. Here are some things that have helped me squeeze the most out of my day.

Podcasts and Audiobooks

Throughout the semester I spend a lot of time going to and from class. And when you’re in the car or walking it’s difficult to really get anything done. This is where I’ve found audiobooks and podcasts to be quite unique. I love learning new things and am always on the lookout to gain insight from a book or article. It is always hard to create the time to get this done; but audiobooks and podcasts have relieved this.

I always have my Android phone with me when I’m on the go. So I’ve downloaded podcast addict and audible for my commutes. I subscribe to a few podcasts about business and entrepreneurship and have loaded my phone with audiobooks. During my morning I’ll listen to the podcasts as I go from class to class. And then I’ll listen to the books whenever I can during the later parts of the day. Podcasts range in length but I’ve found some that are about 30 minutes each. These are great and I have no trouble getting through about two per day. I also like these for when I am at the gym. Although I do like listening to music while working out I have grown accustomed to the change. The only problem I have found with these is that sometimes you get distracted and may need to rewind in your book. For some books each sentence is not very critical and this really isn’t a problem.

Task Management

It’s great to set goals for yourself, but sometimes these large goals can be daunting and difficult to stick to. That’s why I like to create smaller tasks which are very reasonable to accomplish. Let’s take for example this website. We started out with the goal of creating a blog; we wanted to do all the creation ourselves as to help sharpen our skills. If we just set the task of creating a website on our wall we probably never would have gotten it done. So we divided up the project into smaller tasks. We started with research, then design, then more tasks for the different pages. These smaller tasks allow for you to feel accomplishment along the way and get feedback. It creates good points for reflection as well. Points in time for you to evaluate how you’ve been working and how your progress looks. Something like this may not work for everyone but it is relatively simple and something that I have found to be very useful.

Task management helps maximize time use as it gives you direction. When you sit down to work your goals for the day are clearly defined. You know what needs to be done and it is something that is very possible to complete. When there is too much abstraction it is difficult to define the work for each day. But these smaller tasks are straightforward and allow you to jump right in.


Well this is rather broad but it is often important. There are tons of ways to stay organized and there is no one thing that will work for everyone. What I have found to work best for me is to just spend that extra minute or two when you can. When you create that new document don’t just save it to your desktop; create the proper directories first so you can always find it. When you’re getting ready to leave, prepare to leave a minute or two early and spend that time cleaning up and organizing your desk. Breaking it down into these small tasks removes the pain of having a huge mess lingering over your head. It’s far easy to do this every day than to spend a few hours doing it all sometime in the future. And this organization may save you tons of time when it really matters.


There are tons of great ways to maximize your time. But it is important to keep some free time. Time to do something you enjoy, time to relax and just think and time to spend with the people you care about. So work hard to reduce time wasted in situations where it can be avoided so that you can get more done and maximize the time that you may use to spend for leisure.

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